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Around the Clock Plumbing is a licensed, bonded and insured company servicing the entire San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County for over 30 years.

Our specialized technicians are equipped with advanced skills
and knowledge to troubleshoot any issue and resolve it in a timely manner.

Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and quality of work
that the customer and we are proud of!


Around the Clock Plumbing specialize in all aspects of service related issues, rooter services, plumbing consultations, new construction and remodeling as well as property management maintenance needs.    

Give us call today for a phone consult or schedule a walk-thru in person 




• Valves
• Faucets
• Drains
• Sewers
• Leaking Pipes
• Shower Valves
• Trenches Sewer
• Copper Repiping
• Water Heater 
• Clogs In Sinks
• Toilets
•  Faucets
• Bath Tubs
• Sewer Pipes



• Valves
• Sump Pumps 
• Tankless Water Heaters
• Garbage Disposal Remodels
• Sprinkler Systems 
• Kitchen Remodeling
• Sewer Pipe Lining
• Bathroom Remodeling
• Ice Maker Hookups
• Shower Valves
• Water Heaters 
•​ Pipe Lining
• Plumbing Fixtures


• Gas Leak Locators
• Drain Cleaning
• Hydro Jetting
• Water Meters
• Gas Meters
• Sewer Camera Inspections
• Seismic (Earthquake) Gas

Shut Off Valves



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Around the Clock Plumbing and Rooter
LIC #649852



Tel: 818-994-0848

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